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Healing by Love Energy
7 chakras / energy-centres of our body culminating to Blue-Pearl
(Left to Right)
Life is Mine as Soul is Mine, because Karma is Mine, where Unconscious and Conscious Mind is Mine, hence Happiness is created by Me,  Sadness too is created by Me, because Thoughts are Mine, Feelings are Mine. Thus the Power to Evolve is vested in Mine.
The above is the seed Cosmic Intelligence of the larger Cosmic Science of life, on which 'Aastitva', a Sanskrit word, which in English means 'Being' resides upon. 'Aastitva'-'Being' is an open community of people who are blessed to lead life with Ease, Joy & Glory.
People of the 'Aastitva'-'Being' community learn to heal themselves through their 'Inward Journey towards Divine', getting deepest core realizations, clearing their Karma trails, and orienting themselves to the aspects of Cosmic Science. They flow their life as per the Cosmic Science. In 'Aastitva'-'Being' evolutionary process, we use Spiritual Science seconded with Psychological Science as the basis of evolution.
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