1. Basis of Life
2. Basic of Life
3. Love Energy
4. Taking Birth
5. Karma and It's Science
5. Creating Karma
6. Karmic Balance & Re-incarnation
7. Effects of Karma
8. Formation of Mind
9. 3 Layers
soul energy
1. Basis of Life    

Our Soul is the basis of our life.

Different streams of Spiritual Practice, starting from the Vedas to even the recent channelized scriptures by recent / contemporary spirituologist have always conferred the Soul as the basis of our life. The very word ‘Spirit’ in the complete word ‘Spiritualism’ is only about the Own ‘Spirit’, i.e. the Soul within us. ‘Aastitva’ – ‘Being’ has time and again realized the presence of Our ‘Soul’ within us.  

2. Basic of Life  

Our ‘Soul’ is a Ball of Energy. Energy is all about Cosmos. Energy in Spiritual Science carries the same meaning as defined by Quantum Physics. Energy can neither be Created, nor Destroyed but can only be Transformed.

Our Soul - the Energy Ball is part of the Cosmos. The Cosmos is a conglomerate of multiple flavors of Energy. All these flavors of Energies, are orchestrating in tandem under the governance of a Supreme Power. This Supreme Power (which is a Pure Energy Portal) governs the inter-relations and intra-relations of these energies. The Supreme Power is an Energy which is present within these different flavors of Energies as well as encapsulating the whole conglomerate of energies.

God Circle Soul
(Pure Energy)
(Blue for representation)
Soul Structure
Mind Circle Soul
(Transgressional Energy)
(Red for representation)
3. Love Energy    

‘Aastitva’ – ‘Being’ has christened this Supreme Powerful Energy as ‘Love Energy’. (Please note ‘Love Energy’ cannot be and should not be confused with the word ‘Love’ we use as Feeling. Here on the word ‘Love Energy’ will be used many times.) This Supreme Powerful Energy Portal has been defined under different names in Religion or Spiritual Practices. ‘Aastitva’ – ‘Being’ only emphasizes - the practice to get oriented, with this Love Energy.

4. Taking Birth    

Taking Birth is a unique process of the Soul Energy manifesting in a Physical and Chemical form creating our Biological Body. This phenomenon of Cosmic Science is what we call as Birth.

‘Birth’ happens when Soul Energy equates to mass, slowing itself to being ‘static’. This process has been technically represented by the formula E/c2 = M. Now why the Soul Energy Portal has to form a Physical-Chemical mass, is again governed by the Cosmic Science.

Why, When and How the Pure Soul Energy Portal has taken birth in Physical form (as living being) the very first time, is yet not a channelized information to us. (Pure Soul Energy Portal is part of the Supreme Power Energy Portal and is taking birth for the first time, so is in purest form, i.e. Love Energy Form).

First Birth (on Earth) = Pure Soul Energy Portal (Integral to Supreme Power Energy Portal) Next Birth = Soul Energy Portal (as due to Karma Creation it is now holding Transgressional Energy Portal by Exchange Process) The Pure Soul Energy Portal is transformed to the Soul Energy Portal as Karma is created.

5. Karma & It's Science  
Yogic Soul  Healed Soul 
Yogic Soul  Healed Soul

Karma is a vortex of Energy which is acquired by the Soul Energy Ball as a Transgressional energies from other Energy Portals.

Thus the Soul Energy Portal that is forced to take birth in physical form, has two conjoint energy portals.


5. Creating Karma    

Aastitva’ – ‘Being’ has coined the Soul Energy Portal as God Circle Soul (GCS) and the Transgressional Energy as Mind Circle Soul (MCS). The MCS is created when the Pure Energy is exchanged with the Transgressional Energy. As Energy can neither be created, nor be destroyed; the Total Energy Quantum has to remain same and thus there is an Exchange between the Pure Energy Portal and Transgressional Energy Portal.

Development of MCS as mentioned above is the Transgressional energy exchange. This energy exchange is only happening when the MCS is not heeding to the Cosmic Intelligence given by the GCS (Soul Energy Portal integral to Pure Soul Energy Portal). This Transgressional Energy Exchange is termed as Karmic Creation.

Total Energy Quantum = GCS (Soul Energy Portal) + MCS (Transgressional Energy Portal)

Psychotic Disorder Soul  Painful Life Soul 
Disorder Soul 
Life Soul
6. Karmic Balance & Re-incarnation    

The Pure Soul Energy Portal (Birth taken first time on Earth; Integral Part of Supreme Energy Portal) which has now become transformed to Sub Portals (GCS & MCS) as an inherent phenomenon of Cosmic Science, tries to regain back its Pure Energy State.

The Energy can neither be created, nor be destroyed; and the Total Energy Quantum has to remain same. As the Soul Energy Portal gains more of the Transgressional energies, the Pure Soul Sub Portal automatically has reduced quantum. In its quest to regain its pure state form, the transgressional energies need to be given off to those same energy portals from where it had got exchanged. This phenomenon of Releasing Transgressional Energy and Receiving Original/Pure Energy is termed as Karmic Balance.

This very quest to regain the Pure Energy Form compels a Soul Energy Portal to take birth. Hence a Soul goes through the process of birth-death-rebirth trying to give back and take back the exchanged energies. This process of Birth-Death-Rebirth is termed as Re-Incarnation.

Karmic Balance = Receive Own Soul Portal in Exchange of Release of Transgressional Energy

7. Effects of Karma    

As the quantum of MCS Energy Portal increases beyond the threshold level, it starts manifesting negative influences in life in form of different kind of pains. Till we are able to analyze

  • The first point of Transgressional energy exchange and identify the other energy portal

  • And what exactly did the MCS not heed to the directive of GCS (Learning)
    The MCS quantum is not able to balance (give off transgressional energy and take its own pure energy pocket).

8. Formation of Mind (Unconscious & Conscious)    

As the embryo is formed in the mother's uterus, the embryo is selected by the soul based on the script of Karmic Balance. The Soul (GCS+MCS) enters the embryo thus giving Life / Prana to the embryo. As the soul enters, the energy portal of GCS and MCS disjoints.

GCS remains intact, and it is called in several names like Conscience, Higher-Consciousness, Instinct, or Inner Voice, Gut Feeling etc.

MCS goes ahead to form the Unconscious Mind, which is almost 80% of the human mind (Sigmund Freud theory). This download we found were reiterated by Swami Vivekananda in Chicago speech in 1893 referring to the mentions in Vedas. The Unconscious Mind is that part of mind, which our Conscious Mind is not aware of.

A deeper understanding comes when you move into the 'Healing by Love Energy' process.

The video along-side will give a better illustration.

9. 3 Layers    
  The 3 layers of our existence in chronological order are as follows:    
  • Soul

  • Mind (Unconscious & Conscious Mind)

  • Physical Body