Every soul is unique and every soul has picked up it's own Karma. In the process of healing though the gross concept remains the same, the finer orientation is only done as per the instructions from the Cosmos as the process of healing goes on.

Healing process in 'Aastitva'-'Being' is worked out from the deepest core i.e. the soul /  astral level. The process wipes off the issues of life from the root itself. We reach to the soul level using the route of the mind with the help of psychological science. There after the process of Spiritual Science takes over giving a sustained effect of healing. Every physical and mental problems have a metaphysical (our subtle body) reasoning. Which is in turn is related to our Unconscious Mind. The only requirement from you are - Dedication, Sincerity, Perseverance towards yourself.

Physical Problems Mental Problem / Pains Other Life Problems
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Physical Problems    
Migraine & Headaches     Skin  
Body Pain   Digestion / Acidity  
The pants were the brainchild of a doctor who wanted to help patients suffering excessive flatulence due to digestive conditions
Cancer     Obesity  
Cancer     Obesity  
Mental Problems        
Anger     Anxiety  
Aggression     Abuse  
Passive Aggressive Behavior and Stress     Abuse  
Authority     Accountability/Responsibility  
Dependencies     Depression  
Dependencies     Depression  
Other Life Problems        
Financial Problem     Relationship Problems  
Parenting Problems     Conceiving Problems