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Healing by Love Energy

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COVID-19 Help 
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C0VID-19 Fear Relief Mission
As a Foundation, we are on the mission of helping the people to find inner peace and joy.

COVID-19 virus attack has brought in an unprecedented physical health situation. At the same time, it has also created a havoc on the mental condition of people. 

Aastitva Being Foundation has been working on mental developement and overall mental health.

We would like to reach-out to you all with our expertise in this hour of concern, and see to the fact that this time passes by you, keeping you intact in Mind, Body & Spirit.
If you feeling ANXIETY or FEAR, please do take help from us.
You can consult us for 30 minutes, free of cost. Please click the link below to give us a time to help you.
Who Should Avail?   Why You Should Avail
Doctors & Para-medics working in fore-front in COVID-19   To cope-up with COVID-19 crisis and lockdown situations
Private / Corporate / Government employees   To restore peace back in your life
Housewives   Empower oneself with tools & techniques
  Students   To give off Fear through Trinity (body-mind-soul) Healing
Those who are not getting paid from office properly   To safeguard yourself with access of Akashic record & wisdom
Those addicted to something not available during lock-down         of YogiGuru Saugaato
Those who are away from family & missing them   To make your mind strong with neuro-psychologist & APA
Those who started a business and facing a loss         member Dr. Deepti
Those who are facing fear of life because of COVID-19    
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