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Healing by Love Energy
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Still God cannot interfere between You & Your Karma..
God loves You more than You love Yourself..






We welcome you dear lovely Being of Light. It is not a mere coincidence that you visit our page today. It is the initial step of moving towards Bliss! You are a drop that makes the Divine Light, and you are Divinity. But for your Karma you have become susceptible to various physical and mental ailments. These ailments are nothing but 'pain' and hindrance to our overall developments -   be it materialistic or spiritual. If these pains are removed, life will move towards  Ease, Glory & Joy (EGY).


Every individual in this earth has taken birth to balance their Karma. All pains, as well as glories, both come from our Karmas. The hinderance to lead life with Ease, Glory & Joy are our pains. It is also a point to see that we do not create more Karmas drowned in our  glories or insecured in our pains, to give us more pains in this birth and next. We have re-created an age-old Vedic healing modality which helps to understand, learn and realize deep within us, thus clearing your Karmas.


‘Healing’ - means ‘Removing a Pain from the Core’. Every Pain of life is thus, to give us a Learning. As one Learns & Realizes, the Pain Goes Away! Healing by 'Aastitva' – 'Being'  modality is a process of Learning, Realizing and Implementing - in as natural and smooth process like our breathing. The Healing Process focussses on 'Spiritual Science' seconded by 'Psychological Science'. The Converged Communication Healing process heals one's soul, mind and body. Your journey towards Spiritual Evolution begins!

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      We need not prove ourselves to anyone. We are also bound by 'confidentiality clause' agreement with our clients. But when we told some of our clients of testimonials they were more than glad to share. We have hidden their name partially.
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